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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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Reopen old road as cycle way towards Tobermory

Cycle path needed on road from Craignure to Loch Buie turn to enable children to safely cycle to school.

Create a cycle route along the coast from Carsaig to Loch Buie as part of a cycle route from Craignure to Iona.

Create a cycle route from Loch Buie to Carsaig as part of a Craignure to Iona cycle route.

A roads to Tobermory and Iona need parallel cycle routes as too much traffic and too fast especially in the summer holiday season. Such routes could be a tourist attraction in themselves opening up new routes and encouraging sustainable da ... [more]

Needs to be re- surfaced as too many pot holes and cracks in the existing tarmac along that whole pathway / cycleway

Cars always parked on the dedicated bike lane blocking the way

This entrance to Kingston Park needs to be made wider. Lots of pedestrians and cyclists use it though it is only wide enough for one at a time.

Make a tunnel through the ramparts here using the existing derelict arched structure. To avoid the need to cycle over the Norway Road bridge.

Pedestrians need to cross 4 lanes of fast-moving traffic to continue on path. Pedestrian bridge required to join paths on either side of road

Path is too narrow, bushes cover path and posts in middle of path.

Cycle path does not run continuously past South Parade Pier. Cycles are forced into the main traffic flow. Need to extend the dedicated cycle path all the way along the seafront as part of the new Sea Defence works.

Create two way cycle track to help connect the western island route by making Flathouse Road one way (southbound only) - see additional note at southern junction

Keep left signs needed all the way down the road. The path currently isn't wide enough for cyclists and pedestrians to have separate lanes so sharing the path is better but bikes and people need to be reminded to stay on the left and not wa ... [more]

This is really bumpy and badly surfaced, it needs relaying for bikes

Most of this cycle lane/footpath is a bit narrow or you have to go round lamp posts. A fence between the path and road would be better and help cyclists feel safer. Cycling towards traffic going 50mph is scary when there are other people on ... [more]

Continuous footway

No crossing for cycles on south side across Moorings Way to connect to Euston Road, also remove end of route signs

This path is far too narrow for the use of both walkers and cyclists especially during termtime

Problem is difficult for cyclists to leave and remain on the road to use the cycle path over the bridge, particularly for those travelling West to east

The way through here is now closed, would like to see a cycle and walking path through here to link the Eastern Rd to the seafront

Better segregation between cyclists and walkers needed, not just a white line on the path.

Moe cycleway/pedestrians away from the road towards the shore for a safer and less fume ridden experience.

Move the cycleway away from the road towards the shoreline whilst there is the opportunity because of the sea defences work. Same applies for a cycleway. I can't understand why this opportunity was not taken earlier as it may be too late no ... [more]

Existing cyleway is too narrow for cyclist to pass safely

Remove hedge and widen the path

Too narrow - remove hedge to widen path

The cycle path along Eastney esplanade is dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians get out of their car with families and don’t realise / forget there is a path there. Motorists get aggressive when cyclists go on road to avoid t ... [more]

Entrance to car park is much too "flared" allowing drivers to turn into car park at high speed. Needs to have a raised "continuous" path across entrance to both slow drivers and reinforce priority of people walking and riding bikes on path.

Not enough space for safe 2 way cycle flow. Put a cycle route alongside the shore line

If there was a cycleway along this island to the pedestrian crossing to the north, getting on and off this island for a north south journey would be made much simpler and reduce the temptation to use the exits without crossing control.

St Mary’s Rd from round about to entrance to Kingston Cemetery should be made into a 20mph zone This can be justified as the bridge is quite steeply humped near entrances to Whitcombe Gardens, St Mary's House Estate and new entrance to ... [more]

Cycle contraflow through the one way section

Cycle markings (going south) should be implemented on each lane as cyclists still have the same legal right to ride in these lanes as drivers don't think they do especially when going towards Northern Parade getting beeped at because I choo ... [more]

Cycle path on Sultan Road where it crosses Hanway Road

A proper cycleway from Eastern Road cycleway to Moorings Way, with lighting

The cycle path on this stretch of road is not wide enough and makes it dangerous for cyclists and motorists alike

The cycle way through the gate needs to be marked as there are often lorries parked obstructing the way past the gate.

There are always vehicles parked on the pavement/cycle way here - always. All the houses have driveways and there is plenty of parking in Hamilton Road.

This 'cyclepath' is too narrow to be two-way dual use. The corner by the roundabout is a blind bend with a dropped kerb shortly after northbound which suggests crossing is OK there. This means it is common to cycle around this bend and fin ... [more]

Shift vehicle lanes north-west and keep northbound cycleway on outer side of bend

Speed humps make cyclists swerve to go round them - they should be standard humps that cyclists can dodge

Sign to direct cyclist to Unicorn Gate tunnel and Victoria Park, Guildhall as better route to Southsea

Victoria Park makes a pleasant link, with Guildhall Square from Southsea via Unicorn Gate tunnel, but crossing of Bishop Crispian Way difficult

In the redevelopment of Tipnor could a cycle/pedestrian link between the promenade at the Mountbatten and Tipnor Lane be prioritised.

Anti-cycle chicane discourages cycles

Some parts of the cycle way going north are dangerous and frightening - if another cyclist is come from the north and you are going north you forced very close to the kerb edge with cars and lorries passing you at 70mph the lorries almost s ... [more]

As the 1st green on the golf course no longer follows the roadside as it did many years ago the area here could be better utilised to create wide pathway and cycle ways with separation. In addition the light at Airport service road could in ... [more]

Cycle path could be rerouted to run parallel to road as for the rest of the route?

Advanced stop line and approach for cyclists at this junction.

The barrier between the road and the path should be made higher/ stronger families struggle when cycling but there should also be education in place that this is not a velodrome but a shared area for all to use respectfully

The barrier between the road and the path should be made higher/ stronger families struggle when cycling but there should also be education in place that this is not a velodrome but a shared area for all to use respectfully

Very narrow

Markings on the path to separate cyclists and pedestrians, keeping the path safer for all.

This was once a useful and safe route. Since the sea defence wall has been built and the cycleway removed it's a danger to all users with no delineation between users. There will be a serious accident here soon.

I have said this a number of times. One way systems where there is a dedicated cycle and bus lane would make cycling so much safer. Parking on both sides of the road is a cycling nightmare.

Widen the cycle path add barriers to protect users from traffic

Separating the cycle path from the road with a physical barrier and reducing the speed limit

Widen cycle path and barrier from traffic. Reduce speed of traffic to 30mph the whole length of Eastern Road.

A direct route is needed across the common to reduce necessity of using shared path next to highway and connecting to NCN route at Moorings Way (previously announced by PCC in 2018)

The advantage of cycling north /south is restricted by the necessity to travel through the roundabout. An elevated cycle / ped walkway would remove the need to use four crossing points with associated waiting time.

Put slope at side of foot bridge to enable bike to be pushed over

Cycle path needs lighting to encourage 24/7 year round use.

The very narrow approach to the Car Park (London Road Hilsea Bridge) at the end of the creek cycleway needs to be widened

The bushes need to be cut back as you cannot see people walking/cycling approaching especially when cycling downhill southwards from the roundabout.

The whole section from Target Road to Twyford Avenue needs to be smoothed out and widened with boulders removed

The Eastern Road cycleway needs to be widened for most of its length and flattened out especially the northern-most 2 miles which is incredibly lumpy and bumpy now

Cycle path needs lighting to encourage 24/7 year round use.

Remove the street furniture from the cycle path

Cycle lane needed & barriers to protect drivers from cyclists. **Do not ** add traffic filter on Eastern Rd, experienced the chaos & complete waste of money these caused in Chichester

Cycle lane ends abruptly here and cyclists either continue on pavement, join busy carriageway or cross the road which extends the journey

No lighting along this road despite poor road surface and frequent use by pedestrians.

Vehicles manoeuvring around the two car repair facilities here often pull out into the road without looking

Designated cycle route but also used heavily by articulated lorries which cannot navigate the bends without pulling across the full width of the road. This causes a risk to oncoming traffic and also cycles that may not be seen

Frequent occurrence of vehicles overtaking cyclists too closely

Road width narrows shortly after roundabout causing cyclists to get squeezed by overtaking cars

Designated cycle route but frequent occurrence of cars overtaking too close to cycles.

Too narrow here for cycles and pedestrians to pass each other safely. No protection from high speed traffic

Cyclists riding on the pavement at top speed past the hospital where injured, sick or elderly people are entering and exiting. Bus stop here too where pedestrians have near misses with cyclists as they step out to ask the bus to stop. Make ... [more]

People waiting at the bus stop here have to check that there are no cyclists riding at top speed past them. Ban cycling and enforce it. Create a safe cycle way on the road. Could narrow pavement to allow for this.

Cyclists using both sides of Velder Avenue as it leads to the permissible cycle path on the Eastern Road. A proper cycle path needs to be installed, that is separate from pedestrians and the pavement. Cyclists and pedestrians don't mix well ... [more]

From the Briny there are parked cars facing in all along this road right up as far as the fair almost, as a cyclist I always feel very vulnerable cycling along this part of the seafront as a car could back out without seeing cyclists, I thi ... [more]

Requires widening as its a good pathway from the seafront cycleway to connect to the Eastern Road without the need to go on the road, this pathway requires widening and updating for all walkers, kids and cyclists.

As there are a great deal of alterations currently being undertaken on Portsmouth costal defenses, why don't you incorporate cycle and pavement improvements here. There is nothing to say or make the cyclists use the cycle lane except commo ... [more]

Priority to walking and cycling over vehicles turning into kendals turning and out.

Coastal cycle and pathway for safety idealy to circumnavigate portsea island

Coastal cycle and pathway for safety idealy to circumnavigate Portsea Island

The traffic lights here are terrible for cyclists. Because the southbound traffic only has red lights for buses turning out of Tangier Road or pedestrians motorists travelling south never expect this light to be red. I used the cycle crossi ... [more]

The coastal path would make a much better cycle/footpath if it was paved

Curve in path affects sightlines. Lampposts in dangerous places

Cycling conflicts with pedestrians, driveways to flats

This section of cycleway is unlit, in stark contrast to the rest of the route. Maybe some low level lighting (rather than full on street lights) would be sufficient for safety.

Prioritise cycle lane here, cycle lane is very narrow and faded. Remove 1 car lane to be replaced with better cycle lane. (Modify light changes for turn right and ahead).

Remove car parking spaces outside Rowlands for green cycle lane so cyclists are passed by with adequate room.

This road remove right turn into st Mary's, have dedicated cycle route - make right turn as single file traffic (modify traffic signals) At traffic lights green cycle square in front of pedestrian crossing. Cycle path on pavement shouldn't ... [more]

Move the cycle lane and re-route it behind The Harvester and the mobile homes following the waters edge . a much greater distance from the eastern road and more scenic .

Improve cycle path that turns away from coast path here. Need to stop cyclists carrying on south as there is no room for bikes and people.

There are several man hole covers together that are a risk on the cycle path

Take cycle route along Kirpal Rd and Tamworth Rd, cut through Tamworth Park, on to Walsall Rd and Langstone Rd and out to St Mary's roundabout

Widen gate or remove a plank so tyre can go through and bike could be taken through without lifting it

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