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Consider making Arundel street a 'school street'

Stop cars parkin g in cycle lane, lots of kids cycling here to schools, lane is unsafe

Dedicated two way cycle bridge replacing current sub-standard shared path next to fast, busy carriageway.

You have to wait ages for a green pedestrian/cycle light here & people are near each other.

This, along with Peronne Rd is a rat run in rush hours which combined with the roadside parking makes it dangerous for vulnerable road users. It is also a good cycle route linking Limberline Rd, Northern Parade, Highbury, Tipner Coast Path ... [more]

With the seafront closed, the volume of traffic here makes crossing the road on foot or by bike a dangerous nightmare. At the very least it needs a light-controlled crossing outside Dolphin Court, or better still a zebra crossing and a spee ... [more]

At the point where the gates can be closed , going West, the cycle way narrows to about 500mm - 600mm. This is not enough to fit through my cargo bike with children it. It should be at least a metre wide. Right now, I have to plan to cross ... [more]

It's hard to go from Tangier Rd and turn right onto Copnor Bridge on a cycle and not enough room on pavement for cyclists and pedestrians.

One way traffic only in certain sections or Albert Road needed with pavements widened and limited car use

Dangerous for pedestrians to cross the road here.

Uninspiring area. It would be good to have flowers/ wild plants in the big planter would make the area look loved.

More street lighting here to make it feel safer for pedestrians. Also the cyclists speed through without much regard to pedestrians.

Pavements now totally blocked by illegally parked cars/vans

Road needs to be narrowed so people can cross safely.

Narrow, busy road. Make one-way, east to west up to Festing Road

Connect Hilsea Lines with Airport Service Road to open up use as quieter roads as an alternative to Eastern Road and Copnor Road.

Need a dedicated cycle way to get to Canoe Lake from the seafront

When cycling along the seafront you can stay off the road along common until you get to near pier and it’s dangerous to have to cross the road & cycle along the busy road in front of the pier.

This pavement has a no cycling sign. It is too uneven and narrow for cycles and pedestrians. I have been hit by a cycle coming out of my door. Front doors open straight onto the path.

There are hardly any shops left, close the road off so people can use the eateries and safely distance

Cycle route needs continuity from Elm Grove .. lots of children cycle to secondary school from Soutsea.. There are 2 main schools.. priory and St Eds and they need to negotiate busy traffic in the morning

Cycle path needs continuity

Install an elevated platform straddling the railway running the entire length of the city providing a traffic free cross route and a main artery that other routes can link to.

Dutch style roundabout needed here. Close the subways and use the space to properly and safely open up North/South/East/West cycling corridors.

Change priority so that pedestrians and cyclists have right of way.

Recognize the desire line of cyclists and pedestrians and tarmac this. The current double switchback puts everyone in conflict. The current design is idiotic and completely fails to consider the turning circle of bikes, resulting in a mud ... [more]

Remove the stealth culleys. They can take novice riders of. Deeper gulleys with grates over would be safer.

Add clear markings to show the painted northbound cycle lane is not intended for southbound cycle traffic. Also regularly repaint the southbound markings. The use of this road by hgvs seems to scrub these markings quickly

Introduce a bylaw that makes it an offence to dangerously block a cycleway with road signs. Often signs here are massive and not lit when traveling southbound by bike, so at night you're blinded by car lights and then hit the back of an ob ... [more]

Better signage to inform pedestrians that they to must keep left on the corners.

Remove the no cycling restriction in this lane.

Too many kids arriving on narrow pavements and to many parents in cars. It was necessary to install cameras here before. This road should be closed between 08:00 and 09:30 and from 14:45 to 15:15 to enable parents and kids to remain socia ... [more]

Cars speeding up and SJC students as well as pedestrians/older residents are struggling to safely cross the road. Speed bumps to enforce and make pedestrian crossing extra safe.

This part of the road needs definitely a SAFE pedestrians crossing as cars, especially coming from town centre direction are speeding and never stop.

All along Albert Road and waverley Road. All access to schools should have cycling lanes.

Needs safety barriers the whole way along. It is so dangerous on the bridge where there are no barriers.

Wider cycle path

Cycle path wrong side of the road. Between parked cars and promenade - doors open and people clash with cyclists.

This road is very busy and fast especially with the diversion around the closed seafront . I like the closed seafront . I think the next step is to reduce traffic on this road. Make it one way and have the second lane as a protected cycle w ... [more]

Too narrow for cycles. Either add in a cycle lane or reopen the seafront to alleviate heavy traffic

Open road to relieve dangerous congestion in Eastern Parade

Noisy cars, hooting frustrated drivers, speeding at night. Speed bumps would help

Albert Rd is a wide enough thoroughfare to create a dedicated two-way cycle lane to protect and encourage cycling. This should be continuous with Elm Grove and Kings Road cycle lanes to create a proper East-West facility and to Victoria Rd ... [more]

Dedicated cycle lanes in both directions to protect and encourage cycling. This should be linked up with similar Elm Grove and Albert Road cycle lanes to create a proper East-West and North South facility.

Elm Grove and Kings Road is a wide enough thoroughfare to create cycle lanes in both directions to protect and encourage cycling. This should be linked up with similar Albert Road cycle lanes to create a proper East-West facility and to Vic ... [more]

Could do with no waiting over all lanes end of Bonchurch & Edgeware Roads as very difficult to turn north onto Milton Road at peak times, & of course there is very little courtesy from other drivers.



Widen pavement to allow for social distancing.

One way street needed. There are often stand offs between cars as they meet head on. Often the driver's are very aggressive and I've witnessed verbal abuse and threatening behaviour. Parked cars are often damaged. It can be very intimidatin ... [more]

Cars drive quickly and aggressively. They over take on bends and push you off the road.

Cars do not slow down and often don't stop at the zebra crossing.

Permanent cycle way with cars limited to one way traffic

Drop kerb so buggys, wheelchairs and bikes can get onto prom and down the disabled access onto the beach

Reduce speed limit here please, so tricky to cross!

A crossing from Granada Road across to Canoe Lake - visibility not great between bend and parked cars.

Create a cycle lane north and south on Copnor Road to run from Copnor Bridge up to Hilsea Lido

Drivers use Mayles Road as a rat run to the eastern road leading to the M27 motorway....after the first speed bump is passed, drivers accelerate and speed in excess of 40mph down Mayles Road, sounds like we are living on the hard shoulder o ... [more]

Connect west side of M275 shared path via Tipner P&R with path at Mountbatten.

Length of Albert Road is dangerous, remove parking for cars as they open doors into cyclists or have dedicated cycle lanes

Dangerous for bikes on right hand side as there is a bollard in road and then parking on right

Many cars stop on the pedestrian crossing making it very dangerous to cross, add yellow hatching to further deter cars from doing this

Allow cycles on the road against the traffic flow

Seperate cycle way fully from road

Cycle lane ends throwing cyclists into the path of buses at a busy junction suggest segregation of cycling so that a journey can be continued in a safer way to get from eastney end to near speakers corner cycling lanes as a two way cycle la ... [more]

Safe cycle lane, segregated

Segregated cycling to improve safety

Improved safety

Segregated two way cycling to improve cycling

Two way cycling needed along this road

Separate bikes and cars to make cycling safer. I cycle to work every day and would use this if installed.

Two way cycling improvements needed

Cycling from Southsea Via fawcett rd to head up Fratton road I have to contend with traffic on the roundabout or stop cross fawcett rd then goldsmith AV and Fratton road before re mounting to continue the ride this can add as much as 10 min ... [more]

Portsmouth should be a 20 mile zone with wider paths and cycle ways and one way traffic. Tree islands in roads

Not safe for cyclists. Dedicated space for cyclists urgently needed. Such space will not only entice more people to travel along this route but will benefit the traders along it.

Pavement not wide enough for dual usage. Return to pedestrian use only

Better signs needed to inform cyclists that the dual use cycle path ends here.

Just not wide enough for a dual use route (ie cycle and pedestrian)

There is not enough safe space for cyclists on elm Grove, too many cars park illegally and pull out quickly making it incredibly dangerous for cyclists like myself. Sometimes it's safer to go on the pavement and we shouldn't be punished bec ... [more]

Dedicated cycle routes would encourage more people to cycle. Routes would be safer and there would be less air pollution.

People cycling to the hospital cycle up this road and are constantly close passed. This is a dangerous road for cycling

Cycleway and walkway on Albert Road would make the whole area more useable and boost commerce

These residential roads should be one way for motor vehicles allowing two way for cyclists. The roads are too narrow for cars to pass and often too long to see if the road is clear or not when you turn in.

Cars parked permanently on road/pavement- delivery for pizza hut.

The corner is too narrow and tricky - a sharp left into Albert Road from Festing Road. It was easier when it was a more rounded wider curve.

Cyclists need to move onto the dual carriage way to head north. Allow cycling on the pavement to allow cyclists to avoid two busy roundabouts to head up the hill. Widen the pavement to allow this to happen

To enable easier east /west movement make this road contra flow for cyclists

You should be able to put in contra flow cycling on the road as with the neighbouring road.

Is it possible to widen the pedestrian footbridge?!

Cycle lane from Southsea Beach cafe to Eastney toilets needs to be redesigned or abandoned. Currently causes endless problems with dogs, children, cyclists, inflatables and more. Many people do not realise it's two-way. Motorists are un ... [more]

Bridge is slippery when wet. Can the surface be improved please? Also has low posts creating a hazard.

Blind bends on cycle/pedestrian route - visibility needs improving.

Not safe junction - needs clearer markings to keep cyclists safe from cars turning left.

Stop cars parking in the green cycle lane along here.

This is wide pavement shared by bikes and pedestrians. Not very safe esp at corner. Could easily make better for both by making clear division for bikes and people on foot.

Make Havelock Road available to cycles in both directions.

Top bit of Lorne Road and Havelock Road could easily accommodate cycles in BOTH directions (as in other residential routes); makes a good safe route between Campbell Road and Victoria Road North

Put in a cycleway along this road. It's a very wide road with not much traffic; it could easily take a dedicated cycleway.

Extend cycleway all along Elm Grove as it is a wide road and potentially good safe-cycling route all along to Gunwharf.

This bit of cycleway simply stops when it reaches the road. Continue it into and all along Albert Road.

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