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One of the worst sections of Lower Fen Drove.

Road giving way with lengthy longitudinal cracks easily wide enough to swallow a cycle tyre. This one appears to have been touched up by sprinkling some gravel into the whole. A very ineffective treatment.

Bell Road The shared use cycleway is severely overgrown along here. A request has been made to clear it before the Reach Ride on 1st. May 2023: See also: #189410

King's Parade / Senate House Hill at Great St. Mary's

Far reaching views inland from Morecambe Bay from Warton Crag

While the council has cleared most of the route south of Ringley, there are patches where the tractor couldn't reach. So I shovelled this one clear.

This photo gives an idea of just how much of the route is lost beneath mud. There is probably more lost on the east side too.

I cleared some of the mud from this cycleway with a shovel. I didn't touch the east side, so there's probably at least 12 inches under there too.

Drainage point for the Outwood Trail, but appears to be partially blocked.

[Image taken 7.2.23] Royal Spice, Horner Street, junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. View of the upstand from this side. There's not much (not enough?) room for a mobility scooter, wheelchair or someone with a buggy to cross and turn wit ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Royal Spice, Burton Stone Lane, looking towards Horner Street, York. The area of fake grass is enclosed. The perimeter is painted white but it has an upstand. Humans take the shortest route... to Horner Street, to the c ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Former Bootham Hospital grounds, junction with Bootham, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Cobbles, pedestrians crossing, massively compromised sight lines. Can you see or be seen enough to be sure you are sa ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Former Bootham Hospital grounds, junction with Bootham, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Leaf litter, pavement, cobbles and that's before you've made it out into the road. If you are turning left you will ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Former Bootham Park Hospital grounds, junction with Bootham, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] This is part of the the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route improvements scheme (see: #177537). The c ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Duncombe Square, Burton Stone Lane, York. [NOTE: Location approximate.] These are to be built to passiv haus standard ( But where's the buzz? Where's the explanatio ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Duncombe Square, Burton Stone Lane, York. Underwhelming... part of a cycle frame - but not a utility cycle or one you can use for transporting dependants or pets. Is that the sole 'reference'/nod to the location? Contex ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Duncombe Square, Burton Stone Lane, York. The hoardings are simply oversized advertising. Behind the site is the Minster - visible at present since this site and the one next to it have been cleared. But you could be an ... [more]

[Image taken 7.2.23] Duncombe Square, Burton Stone Lane, York. The hoardings add colour. But nothing else. The images are simply advertising. There is nothing placing them in York. There's no explanation of the claim/statement "sustainable ... [more]

Excellent to see clear support from the Petersfield Labour Councillor for changes to Mill Road Bridge. (Leaflet dated late 2022).

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Two cycles with flat bars and panniers (two on the left-hand cycle and one- on the right-hand machine). The cycle on the left has been reversed in. Men tend to be wider above the 'clutter line' (the ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. These two Sheffields (cycle parking rack design) are further apart than others. 120cm is the minimum to be comfortable, in my view. Other image this subject today: #190844. Other image today and lin ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. The space has invited people to dump rubbish here. Doesn't make this location look good or feel safe. Including to leave a cycle right next to. Could it be marked with a symbol of a cargo or family ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Lock sharing (2, marked with red boxes) using the cycle parking sign (see also: #190827, #190735).However I took it as this is the first cargo cycle I have come across that is lock sharing. The spac ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate, York. Context and links: #190839.

[Image taken 6.2.23] St Andrewgate close to the junction with Colliergate, York. Badly sited rack. Too close to everything. So the owner of this cycle has had to secure it at an angle. It's not supported as it should be rather it's wedged. ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] Hospital Fields Road, York. Tier hire e-scooters and e-cycles. And an advertising A board for this branch of the three-strong local cycle shop Cycle Heaven ( Overv ... [more]

[Image taken 6.2.23] Bootham Bar, the city walls, York Minster, the De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. The planks used as hoardings on the De Grey Rooms are the colour of the stone of the city walls, Bootham Bar and the Minster. Cha ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. I don't know what the "less haste" means. I think they could have fewer words and more images... Of what's behind the hoardings, what's planned, the timeline and a before and ( ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. The planks of the hoardings (left) on the De Grey Rooms mimic the cladding on the side of the York Theatre Royal ( - rear walls in image. Other imag ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] De Grey Rooms, St Leonard’s Place, York. Planks as hoardings on the De Grey Rooms ( I get the 'sustainable' message. But in thinking globally they are missing ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. Space requirements for this type of cycle design - and the impact on the pedestrian route. Context and links: #190824.

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. This image shows the width the cycle on the left needs compared with a standard cycle. Context and links: #190824.

[Image taken 5.2.23] Davygate, York. Good practice: cycle parking in the city centre. With signage that helps you remember where you left your cycle. Further, there is practical information about securing your cycle on the other side of the ... [more]

Contraflow cycling permitted on the service roads, Roubaix

Route signs, Roubaix - there's also contraflow cycling permitted in the service road ahead

Start of off-road cycleway and route signs, Roubaix

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[Image taken 25.1.23] Horner Street junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. Substantial tarmac damage and where pedestrians and people in mobility scooters will be crossing. This is new tarmac. Parts of Burton Stone Lane were patched and res ... [more]

[Image taken 27.11.22] Duncombe Barracks, Burton Stone Lane, York. Underwhelming hoarding decoration and information about the development. Context and links: #188025. Caption commenting on the hoardings and links: #190856.

[Image taken 14.9.22] Bootham, York. Context: #186050, #186051, #186052, (extended caption) #186053, #186054, #186054. This junction is part of the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route improvements scheme (see: #172109) and the pr ... [more]

[UPDATE: 7.2.23 The cycle lights are now in operation: #190860] [Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Context and links: #186051. Looking ahead to St Mary’s – the continuation of the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route in the d ... [more]

[UPDATE: 7.2.23 A campaigning colleague has just sent me this link to the Draft Local Transport Strategy he said was in a Facebook post:] [Image taken 4.2.23] City of York Counci ... [more]

[Image is Street View from August 2019] Hoardings on Station Road, junction with Rougier Street, York. This is a key route into York from the station. This makes it one of the first but also last views of the city visitors will have. The ho ... [more]

[UPDATE: #182108] [Image taken 25.8.21] Foss Islands Way, Haxby Road, York. The hoardings of the Cocoa Works development ( create a completely blind corner for anyone coming out of Foss Islands Way and anyone turning ... [more]

[Image taken 14.6.21] Spring Lane Building, University of York, York. Two examples of best practice - though, as with all the examples on the campus, you have to know they exist and where to find them. A designated disabled space (see: #170 ... [more]

[Image taken 4.2.23] Esplanade cycle parking, West Esplanade/Wellington Row (below Lendal Bridge), York. These racks are within easy walking distance of the city centre. For people on this side of the city/river you can avoid the queuing tr ... [more]

[Update: Change to scheme 29.7.22 see: #185003] [Update: the Tier e-scooters/e-cycles are now on the opposite side of Marygate carpark see: #169647] [Image taken 1.3.21] Marygate car park, York, Tier electric hire scooters ( ... [more]

R-shaped bike stands, Roubaix

Route signs and tram, Roubaix

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  • Icon 190878 This old lane (currently footpath) across the golf course would make an excellent green route into St Albans for cyclists from Mile House Lane / New House Park, and via Napsbury Lane: Napsbury and London Colney. It would also connect into the existing Alban Way Cycle Route. Whether for walking or cycling maintenance should be improved, foliage cut back and surface improved especially on the gradient at the Riverside Road end.
  • Icon 190877 Traffic backs up frequently, too narrow for cycles. Cycle lane needed to encourage sustainable travel
  • Icon 190876 The pavement along Dark Lane is very narrow and uneven - especially when the 400 pupils leave the junior school together after school. It is a busy road at this time with cars picking up and going to the Recycling centre and children often have to walk in the road.
  • Icon 190875 If pupils were able to access the secondary school here then many children could avoid the busy station road and enjoy walking or cycling this route
  • Icon 190874 This is such a pleasant walking and cycling route, I think it could be access only.
  • Icon 190873 Improve access to the bus stop
  • Icon 190872 Electric bikes here to borrow to get to Nailsea could help with first and last mile. Improvements to the train station to include ramps is a must
  • Icon 190871 The speed limit here should NOT be 40mph it really needs reducing, it’s a route to school
  • Icon 190870 The speed is too high here.
  • Icon 190855 Improved street lighting required for student safety
  • Icon 190854 This Pavement is the only safe pedestrian access from Locking village onto A371 the pavement surface is in need of urgent repair, it is broken and uneven, slippy in places, its badly overgrown with vegetation and overhanging trees, there are no street lights. Even in the day light it feels unsafe. The pavement needs resurfacing, vegetation cut back and dead trees taken down, solar street lighting installed.
  • Icon 190853 I live just above this road, and work from home so look out onto it every day. It's used constantly by dog walkers, families (going to school) and horse riders. Cars do not stick to the speed limit, especially at peak times. It's very narrow, with sections without a pavement. The path/steps from the houses have no pavement on their side, so have to cross over with limited visibility at points. I have young children, and I'm worried there will be an accident one day. I've had arguments with motorists who are clearly going too fast given the hazards this road presents along it's full length. If this road was in Bristol, it would absolutely be 20mph it's full length. It needs to be made 20mph to protect pedestrians and other road users

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